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I tried Beer Savers on three different 12 oz. beer bottle styles - the standard pop-top, a stubby bottle with a shorter collar and a screw cap.  I also tried them on full and half-empty bottles.  In all cases, the beer was refrigerated throughout.

The best results were from the full standard pop top.  I opened the bottle, slipped the Beer Saver on the top and put it back in the refrigerator for 36 hours.  When I pulled the cap off, I was surprised that it still greeted me with a "pss."  The beer poured with a decent head and even felt carbonated in my mouth.  The beer tasted fresh and, aside from being slightly less carbonated, was indistinguishable from a newly opened bottle.

The half drunk beer was less carbonated but, still retained some carbonation after 36 hours.  It also tasted fresh.  I had similar results with the stubby bottle; the shorter collar doesn't appear to affect the Beer Savers.

Mario Rubio,

I was impressed with the Beer Saver caps. If you’re the type that has trouble finishing these more common 22-ounce, high gravity barrel-aged beers or simply want to save some of your beer for the next day, Beer Savers area good solution.

Ricky Smith,

Never waste another ounce of your favorite brew!


I was quite surprised, I’ve left beer open for 48 hours (the beer in question was an 18 month old Crown Wheetie Bits) and it’s still been just as good, even after all that time.

Chris Scott,

The real proof was in the drinking. I couldn’t tell a difference one way or the other between carbonation level between the two. I think an opened beer that was capped right away with a Beer Saver and put in the fridge would do equally as well. I wasn’t sure how these would work but I was happily surprised. Now, I can save that half beer instead of throwing it out or drinking too much.